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To effectively debut the new 2024 FXR Pro Fish collection, their team sought a diverse array of branded entertainment assets. Given the extensive range of products within this collection, our task was to create enduring pieces capable of sustaining their marketing efforts throughout the year. This encompassed crafting an expansive photo catalog, producing multiple television commercials, developing informative product videos, and crafting a compelling branded documentary. The objective was to elevate their brand identity with a polished, high-production aesthetic, while simultaneously making a significant impact within the fishing industry.
As FXR is relatively new to the fishing industry, they aimed to assert their presence by competing in the prestigious annual iCast showcase. This event serves as a platform for brands to showcase their latest product technology. Recognizing the significance of this opportunity, FXR wanted us to create top-tier product knowledge videos to not only compete but to also establish their dominance in the established fishing industry.
Director- Avery Rost
Photographer- Avery Rost
Producer- Chad Murray
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