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For Alpinestars' brand new off-road line "TechDura" we wanted to showcase our branded entertainment strategy. Tailored to resonate with our target audience, we decided the core piece to this campaign would be an impactful short film. This approach aims to forge a deeper emotional bond between the audience and the brand, leaving a lasting impression that resonates long after viewing. Within the narrative of the film, we artfully integrate the TechDura gear line, showcasing its functionality without resorting to overt product placement. This subtle approach transforms the film into an engaging entertainment piece that captivates audiences, ensuring they remember the experience rather than simply viewing another plain product commercial.
To accommodate the breadth of this expansive line, we meticulously crafted assets designed to maintain relevance for months to come. These encompassed a compelling campaign short film, an electrifying product launch hype video, a comprehensive photo catalog, and meticulously designed graphic assets tailored for magazine spreads. This multifaceted campaign not only showcased our dedication to excellence but also highlighted Murray Productions' capability as a comprehensive, full-service production company capable of meeting
any campaign's diverse needs.
Director- Chad Murray
Photographer- Geoff McCarthy
Producer- Tyler Emond
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